Choosing between an Amazon Chime Team account or Enterprise account - Amazon Chime

Choosing between an Amazon Chime Team account or Enterprise account

When you create an Amazon Chime administrator account, you choose whether to create a Team account or an Enterprise account. For more information about creating an Amazon Chime administrator account, see Getting started.

Team account

With a Team account, you can invite users and grant them Amazon Chime Pro permissions without claiming an email domain. For more information about Pro and Basic permissions, see Plans and pricing.

You can invite users from any email domain that hasn't been claimed by another organization. You only pay for users when they host meetings. Users in your Team account can use the Amazon Chime app to search for and contact other Amazon Chime users who are registered to the same account. We also recommend a Team account for paying for Pro users outside of your organization.

Enterprise account

With an Enterprise account, you have more control over the users from your organization's domains. You can choose to connect to your own identity provider or Okta SSO to authenticate and assign Pro or Basic permissions. Amazon Chime also supports Microsoft Active Directory.

To create an Enterprise account, you must claim at least one email domain. This ensures that all users who sign in to Amazon Chime using your claimed domains are included in your centrally managed Amazon Chime account. Enterprise accounts are required for managing your users through a supported directory integration. For more information, see Claiming a domain and Connecting to your Active Directory.

You can also manage user activation and suspension from your Enterprise account. For more information, see Managing user permissions and access.