Managing Amazon Chime Voice Connectors - Amazon Chime SDK

Managing Amazon Chime Voice Connectors

What is an Amazon Chime Voice Connector?

An Amazon Chime Voice Connector provides Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) trunking service for your existing phone system. You can manage your Amazon Chime Voice Connector from the Amazon Chime console, and access it over your internet connection or with AWS Direct Connect. For more information, see What is AWS Direct Connect? in the AWS Direct Connect User Guide.

Amazon Chime Voice Connector outbound and inbound calling

After you create an Amazon Chime Voice Connector, edit the termination and origination settings to allow outbound or inbound calls, or both. Then, assign phone numbers to the Amazon Chime Voice Connector. You can port in existing phone numbers or provision new phone numbers in the Amazon Chime console. For more information, see Porting existing phone numbers, Provisioning phone numbers, and Assigning and unassigning Amazon Chime Voice Connector phone numbers.


Amazon Chime Voice Connectors support outbound calling in E.164 format and do not require an international dialing access code, such as 011. You pay a per-minute rate based on the destination country of the call. For a current list of supported countries, and the per-minute rate for each country, see

Amazon Chime Voice Connector groups

You can also create an Amazon Chime Voice Connector group and add Amazon Chime Voice Connectors to it that are created in different AWS Regions. This creates a fault-tolerant mechanism for fallback if availability events occur. For more information, see Managing Amazon Chime Voice Connector groups.

Logging and monitoring Amazon Chime Voice Connector data

Optionally, you can send logs from your Amazon Chime Voice Connector to CloudWatch Logs, and turn on media streaming from your Amazon Chime Voice Connector to Amazon Kinesis. For more information, see CloudWatch logs for the Amazon Chime SDK and Streaming Amazon Chime Voice Connector media to Kinesis.

Before you begin

To use an Amazon Chime Voice Connector, you must have an IP Private Branch Exchange (PBX), Session Border Controller (SBC), or other voice infrastructure with internet access that supports Session Initiation Protocol (SIP). Make sure that you have enough bandwidth to support peak call volume. For information about bandwidth requirements, see Bandwidth requirements.

To ensure security for calls sent from AWS to your on-premises phone system, we recommend configuring an SBC between AWS and your phone system. Allowlist SIP traffic to the SBC from the Amazon Chime Voice Connector signaling and media IP addresses. For more information, see the recommended ports and protocols for Amazon Chime Voice Connector.

Amazon Chime Voice Connectors expect phone numbers to be in E.164 format.