Collaborating using Amazon Chime chat - Amazon Chime

Collaborating using Amazon Chime chat

Amazon Chime gives you two ways to chat—regular Amazon Chime chat and in-meeting chat. The topics in this section explain how to use regular Amazon Chime chat. For information about using chat in meetings, see Using in-meeting chat.

You use regular chat to collaborate with the people on your contacts list. When you choose a contact for chat, that person's name appears in the side bar. You can:

  • Chat with a contact directly.

  • Add emojis to your messages and use markdown to format your message text.

  • Share attachments of up to 50 MB.

  • Create group chats by adding multiple contacts to a message.

  • Create chat rooms and send messages to everyone in the room.

  • Create a Favorites list of conversations and chat rooms.

  • Search contacts, conversations, and chat rooms.

  • Read conversations on all supported devices.

  • Call a contact, some or all of the people in a group chat, or everyone in a chat room.


By design, Amazon Chime doesn't allow you to delete chat messages after you send them. Amazon Chime does this to comply with data retention policies. If you need to delete a message, you must contact your system administrator or IT department. However, data retention policies may also prevent administrators from deleting messages.