Amazon Chime
User Guide

Collaborating Using Amazon Chime Chat

You can use Amazon Chime to chat with colleagues directly, in a group, or in a chat room. You can share attachments up to 50 megabytes, search contacts, conversations, and chat rooms, and read conversations across all devices. Go to Recent Messages to see the latest one-on-one and groups messages from the past 7 days, or choose All messages to browse through all of your chat conversation history. Use Favorites to organize important threads.

The following statuses indicate whether a user is available to chat.

  • Green checkmark—The user is available.

  • Red—The user is busy.

  • Blue clock icon—The user is idle.

  • Gray forward slash—The user is offline.

  • Green mobile icon—The user is available on mobile.

  • Gray lock icon—The user's presence is hidden. To set this status, from a mobile device or the Amazon Chime web application, choose Settings, Share availability information with No one.