Rescheduling a meeting when the host leaves - Amazon Chime

Rescheduling a meeting when the host leaves

When meeting hosts leave their organizations, an administrator or a system such as Active Directory suspends their accounts and their meetings become inactive.

Auto-call stops working when that happens, but recurring and individual meetings may still appear in your calendar app.

Also, you can't create another meeting bridge ID for an existing meeting, or use a former host's meeting ID. You have to reschedule the meeting. Follow these steps:

  1. If the former host made you a delegate for the meeting, use your calendar app to cancel the meeting. If you aren't a delegate, go to step 2.

  2. Create and schedule a new meeting. Then, invite the attendees from the old meeting. You can host the meeting, or ask someone else to host.

For more information about canceling meetings, see Canceling meetings. For more information about scheduling meetings, see the topics in Scheduling meetings using Amazon Chime.