AWS CloudHSM command line tools - AWS CloudHSM

AWS CloudHSM command line tools

This topic describes the command line tools available for managing and using AWS CloudHSM.

Understanding command line tools

In addition to the AWS command-line interface (AWS CLI) that you use for managing your AWS resources, AWS CloudHSM offers command-line tools for managing HSM users and creating and managing keys on the HSM. In CloudHSM, you use the familiar AWS CLI to manage your cluster, and the CloudHSM command line tools to manage your HSM.

These are the various command-line tools:

Manage HSM and Clusters

These tools get, create, delete, and tag AWS CloudHSM clusters and HSMs:

Manage HSM Users

This tool creates and deletes HSM users, including implementing quorum authentication of user management tasks:

Manage Keys on the HSM

This tool creates, deletes, imports, and exports symmetric keys and asymmetric key pairs:

  • key_mgmt_util. This tool is included in the AWS CloudHSM client software.


Helper Tools

These tools help you to use the tools and software libraries.

  • configure updates your CloudHSM client configuration files. This enables the AWS CloudHSM to synchronize the HSMs in a cluster.

  • pkpspeed measures the performance of your HSM hardware independent of software libraries.