AWS CodeStar
User Guide

Setting Up AWS CodeStar

Before you can start using AWS CodeStar, you must complete the following steps. The account you use to sign in to AWS must be configured to allow the following actions:

Step 1: Create an AWS Account

Create an AWS account by going to and choosing Sign Up.

Step 2: Create the AWS CodeStar Service Role

AWS CodeStar requires the creation of a service role in order to create and manage AWS resources and IAM permissions. You only need to create the service role once.


You must be signed in as an IAM administrative user (or root account) in order to create this service role. For more information about administrative users, see Creating Your First IAM User and Group.

  1. Open the AWS CodeStar console at

  2. Choose Start project. (If you do not see Start project but instead are directed to the projects list page, the service role has been created. You can jump ahead to Step 3: Create or Use an IAM User.)

  3. In the Create service role dialog, choose Yes, create role.

  4. Exit project creation. You'll come back to this later.

Step 3: Create or Use an IAM User

To use AWS CodeStar, create an IAM user (or use an existing one in your AWS account), and then sign in to the console with that IAM user. You need an AWS access key ID and an AWS secret access key associated with your IAM user.


To create IAM users, you must be logged in as an administrative user.

AWS CodeStar does not support federated users. Using AWS CodeStar with a root account is not recommended.

After you have an IAM user, do one of the following:

Step 4: Create an Amazon EC2 Key Pair for AWS CodeStar Projects

Many AWS CodeStar projects use AWS CodeDeploy or AWS Elastic Beanstalk to deploy code to Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) instances. To access Amazon EC2 instances associated with your project, create an Amazon EC2 key pair for your IAM user. Your IAM user must have permissions to create and manage Amazon EC2 keys (for example, permission to take the actions ec2:CreateKeyPair and ec2:ImportKeyPair). For more information, see Amazon EC2 Key Pairs.

Step 5: Open the AWS CodeStar Console

Sign in to the AWS Management Console, and then open the AWS CodeStar console at

Next Steps

Congratulations, you have completed the setup! To start working with AWS CodeStar, see Getting Started with AWS CodeStar.