How it works - Amazon Comprehend

How it works

Amazon Comprehend uses a pre-trained model to gather insights about a document or a set of documents. This model is continuously trained on a large body of text so that there is no need for you to provide training data.

You can use Amazon Comprehend to build your own custom models for custom classification and custom entity recognition. You can use Flywheels to help manage the custom models.

Amazon Comprehend provides topic modeling using a built-in model. Topic modeling examines a corpus of documents and organizes the documents based on similar keywords within them.

Amazon Comprehend provides synchronous and asynchronous document processing modes. Use synchronous mode for processing one document or a batch of up to 25 documents. Use an asynchronous job to process a large number of documents.

Amazon Comprehend works with AWS Key Management Service (AWS KMS) to provide enhanced encryption for your data. For more information, see KMS encryption in Amazon Comprehend.