Insights - Amazon Comprehend


Amazon Comprehend can analyze a document or set of documents to gather insights about it. Some of the insights that Amazon Comprehend develops about a document include:

  • Entities – Amazon Comprehend returns a list of entities, such as people, places, and locations, identified in a document.

  • Events – Amazon Comprehend detects specific types of events and related details.

  • Key phrases – Amazon Comprehend extracts key phrases that appear in a document. For example, a document about a basketball game might return the names of the teams, the name of the venue, and the final score.

  • Personally identifiable information (PII) – Amazon Comprehend analyzes documents to detect personal data that identify an individual, such as an address, bank account number, or phone number.

  • Dominant language – Amazon Comprehend identifies the dominant language in a document. Amazon Comprehend can identify 100 languages.

  • Sentiment – Amazon Comprehend determines the dominant sentiment of a document. Sentiment can be positive, neutral, negative, or mixed.

  • Targeted Sentiment – Amazon Comprehend determines the sentiment of specific entities mentioned in a document. The sentiment of each mention can be positive, neutral, negative, or mixed.

  • Syntax analysis – Amazon Comprehend parses each word in your document and determines the part of speech for the word. For example, in the sentence "It is raining today in Seattle," "it" is identified as a pronoun, "raining" is identified as a verb, and "Seattle" is identified as a proper noun.