Set up tasks - Amazon Connect

Set up tasks

  1. Update your agent's routing profile so they can manage and create tasks.

    When you add tasks to their routing profile, you can specify that up to 10 tasks be assigned to them at a time.

    An agent can pause the same number of tasks as the Maximum tasks per agent setting in their routing profile.

    For example, an agent has a Maximum tasks per agent setting to handle 5 active tasks simultaneously. This means they can pause up to 5 tasks, which allows them to free up their active slots to take in new more critical tasks. However, it also means that agents can have twice the number of tasks in their workspace at any point in time. In our example, this agent can have 10 tasks in their workspace: 5 paused and 5 active.

    The following image shows the Tasks option on the Routing profile page.

                    The Tasks option, max tasks per agent set to 5, queue set to voice,
                        chat, task.
  2. Create quick connects so that agents can create/assign tasks to themselves, or other agents or shared queues.

  3. Update your flows to route tasks.

  4. Optionally, create task templates to make it easy for agents to create tasks. All the fields they need to create a task are defined for them.

  5. Optionally, integrate with external applications and set up rules to automatically create tasks based on pre-defined conditions.

  6. By default all agents can create tasks. If you want to block permissions for some agents, assign the Contact Control Panel, Restrict task creation permission in their security profile.