What is a customer profile? - Amazon Connect

What is a customer profile?

A customer profile stores contact history combined with information about customers, such as account number, address, billing address, and birth date.

After you enable Amazon Connect Customer Profiles, a unique customer profile is created for every contact. This allows you to create a customer profile that has all the information agents need during customer interactions in a single place at no charge.

To access customer profiles in your flows, use the Customer profiles block. Agents access customer profiles in their agent application.

You can use the paid features of Customer Profiles to enrich your customer profiles by ingesting data from external applications. See pricing for details.

You can also add custom fields and objects to the customer profiles by using the Amazon Connect Customer Profiles APIs.

Where is customer profile data stored?

Amazon Connect stores contact history in unique customer profiles. It parses data ingested from external applications and stores it as customer profile attributes.

Amazon Connect does not replace or update the data in the external application. If a data source is removed, the data from the external application is no longer available in the customer profile.

For information about how customer profile data are secured, see Data protection in Amazon Connect.