Forecasting, capacity planning, and scheduling - Amazon Connect

Forecasting, capacity planning, and scheduling

To run a contact center, you need the right number of agents working at the right times to achieve your operational goals. It's critical to not overspend or overrun your workforce.

Amazon Connect provides a set of services powered by machine learning that help you optimize your contact center by offering the following:

  • Forecasting. Analyze and predict contact volume based on historical data. What will future demand—the contact volume and handle time—look like? Amazon Connect forecasting provides accurate and auto-generated forecasts that are automatically updated daily.

  • Scheduling. Generate agent schedules for day-to-day workloads that are flexible, and meet business and compliance requirements. Offer agents flexible schedules and work-life balance. How many agents are needed in each shift? Which agent works in which slot?

    • Schedule Adherence. Enable contact center supervisors to monitor schedule adherence and improve agent productivity. Schedule adherence metrics are available after the agent schedules are published.

  • Capacity planning. Predict how many agents your contact center will require. Optimize plans by scenarios, service level goals, and metrics, such as shrinkage.

For information about where Amazon Connect forecasting, capacity planning, and scheduling is available, see Availability of Amazon Connect features by Region.

The following diagram shows a typical end-to-end optimization workflow by persona: Amazon Connect administrator, forecaster, scheduler, capacity planner, and agent. It lists the tasks performed by each persona.

A five column diagram, one column for each persona, the tasks they perform.