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Scheduling in Amazon Connect (Preview)

Contact center schedulers or managers need to create agent schedules for day-to-day workloads that are flexible and meet business and compliance requirements. Amazon Connect helps you create efficient schedules that are optimized for per-channel Service Level or Average speed of answer targets. You can generate and manage agent schedules based on the following:

  • A short-term published forecast

  • Shift profiles (templates for weekly shifts)

  • Staffing groups (agents that can handle specific types of contacts from a specific forecast group)

  • Human resources and business rules


Amazon Connect scheduling is not designed to ensure compliance with any particular laws. It is your responsibility to ensure that your actions and your use of scheduling comply with any applicable laws including employment regulations. You should confer with your legal counsel to determine your obligations.

Getting started

Following is the order of steps for creating a schedule and publishing it so supervisors and agents can view it.

  1. Add users to your Amazon Connect instance.

  2. Double-check with your Amazon Connect admin that users have the required security profile permissions to access scheduling features. The required permissions are described here.

  3. Create staff scheduling rules (Preview)

  4. Create shift activities (Preview)

  5. Create shift profiles (Preview)

  6. Create staffing groups and rules (Preview)

  7. Generate, review, and publish a schedule by using Schedule Manager (Preview)

To learn how supervisors and agents view schedules, see How supervisors view published schedules (Preview) and How agents view their schedule.