Set up contact transfers - Amazon Connect

Set up contact transfers

To make it easy for you to set up contact transfers, Amazon Connect provides you with several tools:

  • Two contact flow types:

    • Transfer to agent: Enables transfers to another agent. This works with voice contacts.

    • Transfer to queue: Enables transfers to a queue. This works with both voice and chat contacts.

  • Contact blocks:

    • Transfer to queue: Use to end the current contact flow and place the customer in a queue. This block works for both voice and chat transfers.

    • Transfer to phone number: Use to transfer the customer to a phone number, such as an external number. This block works for voice transfers.

    • Transfer to flow: Use to end the current flow and transfer the customer to another contact flow. This block works for voice transfers.

  • Quick connects: Use to create common destinations for transfers. Agents will see them as options in the CCP when they go to do a transfer.

This topic explains how to create quick connects and use transfer contact blocks in specific scenarios.

Overview of steps

To set up call transfers and quick connects

  1. Choose a contact flow type based on what you want to do: Transfer to agent or Transfer to queue. External transfers do not require a specific type of contact flow.

  2. Create and publish the contact flow.

  3. Create a quick connect for the type of transfer to enable: Agent, Queue, or External.

    When you create the Agent or Queue quick connect, select a contact flow that matches the type of transfer to enable. External quick connects require only a phone number, and do not allow you to set a queue or contact flow.

  4. Add the quick connect that you created to any queue used in a contact flow for which to enable contact transfer, such as the queue used in the contact flow for incoming contacts.

  5. Make sure the queue is in a routing profile assigned to the agents who transfers contacts.