Starting a task - AWS DataSync

Starting a task

Starting a task creates a task execution. A task execution is an individual run of a task. Each task can have at most one task execution at a time. You can run a task with the DataSync options already configured on the task level when creating it. Alternatively, you can change the options for a specific task run and execution before you run the task. For instructions on how to start a task, see Start your task.


Each agent can execute a single task at a time.

The time that AWS DataSync spends in the PREPARING status depends on the number of files in both the source and destination file systems. It also depends on the performance of these file systems. When a task starts, DataSync performs a recursive directory listing to discover all files and file metadata in the source and destination file system. These listings are used to identify differences and determine what to copy, and usually takes between a few minutes to a few hours.

Queueing task executions

When you use the same agent to run multiple tasks, you can queue one task execution for each task. By using queueing, you can make tasks run in series (first in, first out) even if the agent is already running other tasks. You can set queuing either by using the DataSync console or the API.

To enable queueing on the DataSync console, choose Enabled for Queueing for the option when you configure task settings. If you enable queueing and the agent is running an execution from another task, the current task's execution is automatically queued. After a task execution is completed, the agent runs the next queued execution. If you want to remove a task execution from the queue yourself, simply cancel the execution.

To enable queueing by using the DataSync API, set the TaskQueueing property to ENABLED.