Text Analysis APIs - Amazon Comprehend

Text Analysis APIs

Amazon Comprehend enables you to examine your documents to gain various insights about their content using a number of pre-trained models.

With Amazon Comprehend, you can perform the following on your documents:

  • Detect the Dominant Language—Examine text to determine the dominant language.

  • Detect Entities—Detect textual references to the names of people, places, and items as well as references to dates and quantities.

  • Detect Key Phrases—Find key phrases such as "good morning" in a document or set of documents.

  • Determine Sentiment—Analyze documents and determine the dominant sentiment of the text.

  • Analyze Syntax—Parse the words in your text and show the speech syntax for each word and enable you to understand the content of the document.

  • Topic Modeling—Search the content of documents to determine common themes and topics.

Documents can be processed through these features in several ways: singly or in groups of up to 25 documents run synchronously with the result returned immediately, or in a larger batch run asynchronously, with the result saved to an S3 bucket. For more information, see Document Processing Modes.