Prerequisites - Database Migration Guide


The following prerequisites are required to complete this walkthrough:

  • Understand Amazon Relational Database Service (Amazon RDS), the applicable database technologies, and SQL.

  • Create a user with AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM) credentials that allows you to launch Amazon RDS and AWS Database Migration Service (AWS DMS) instances in your AWS Region. For information about IAM credentials, see Create an administrative user.

  • Understand the Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (Amazon VPC) service and security groups. For information about using Amazon VPC with Amazon RDS, see Amazon VPC VPCs and Amazon RDS. For information about Amazon RDS security groups, see Controlling access with security groups.

  • Understand the supported features and limitations of AWS DMS. For information about AWS DMS, see What is Database Migration Service?.

  • Understand how to work with Oracle as a source and Amazon S3 data lake as a target. For information about working with Oracle as a source, see Using an Oracle database as a source. For information about working with Amazon S3 as a target, see Using Amazon S3 as a target.

  • Understand the supported data type conversion options for Oracle and Amazon S3. For information about data types for Oracle as a source, see Source data types for Oracle. For information about data types for Amazon S3 as a target (Parquet only), see Target data types for S3 Parquet.

  • Audit your source Oracle database. For each schema and all the objects under each schema, determine whether any of the objects are no longer being used. Deprecate these objects on the source Oracle database, because there’s no need to migrate them if they aren’t being used.

For more information about AWS DMS, see Getting started with Database Migration Service.

To estimate what it will cost to run this walkthrough on AWS, you can use the AWS Pricing Calculator. For more information, see

To avoid additional charges, delete all resources after you complete the walkthrough.