About SDP files - AWS Elemental Live

About SDP files

The SMPTE 2110 specification relies on SDP files to describe the contents of the SMPTE 2110 streams. There is one file for each type of stream. The file for each stream contains the following information:

  • The source IP address for the file. This is an address that the sender controls.

  • The unicast or multicast address that the receiver can connect to, in order to obtain the content.

  • Descriptions of the media in the stream.

SDP files for content into AWS Elemental Live

For SMPTE 2110 inputs, AWS Elemental Live is the receiver and the upstream system is the sender.

  • Typically, the sender (the upstream system) is responsible for creating the source SDP file.

    If the sender hasn't created the file, or if your organization is the originator of the stream and the file wasn't created by an automated system, then you can create the file. For more information, see About SDP files.

  • If the source SMPTE 2110 streams aren't managed by NMOS, the source SDP files must be stored on a server that AWS Elemental Live can access using HTTP. You and the sender should agree on a suitable location.

  • If the source SMPTE 2110 streams are being managed by NMOS, you should have already set up the stream in the NMOS registry.

SDP files for output from AWS Elemental Live

For SMPTE 2110 outputs, AWS Elemental Live is the sender and the downstream system is the receiver.

  • AWS Elemental Live always generates the applicable output SDP files and places them on a directory on the appliance.

  • If the SMPTE 2110 output group doesn't use NMOS, you must make the output SDP files available to the receiver. The files must be on an HTTP server that the receiver can access. For information about obtaining the SDP files, see Step 4: Download and post the SDP file.

  • If the SMPTE 2110 output group does use NMOS, AWS Elemental Live handles delivery of the output SDP files available to the NMOS registry. There is nothing you need to do with the files.

The following topics describe the format of each type of SDP file, using examples.


You are responsible for understanding the SMPTE 2110 specification. We provide the examples below only as a courtesy. Refer to the specification for complete information about the SDP file.