Set up an Amazon EMR Studio - Amazon EMR

Set up an Amazon EMR Studio

This section is for Amazon EMR Studio administrators. It covers how to set up an Amazon EMR Studio for your team and provides instructions for tasks such as assigning users and groups, setting up cluster templates, and optimizing Apache Spark for Amazon EMR Studio.

Before you start

If you plan to use EMR Studio with Amazon EMR on EKS, we recommend that you Set up Amazon EMR on EKS for Amazon EMR Studio before you set up a Studio.


To set up an EMR Studio

  1. Choose AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM) or AWS SSO authentication for EMR Studio, and complete the steps to configure your chosen authentication mode. For more information, see Choose an authentication mode for Amazon EMR Studio.

  2. Complete the following tasks.

    You can also use AWS CloudFormation to create EMR Studio resources. For an example CloudFormation template, see full_studio_dependencies.yml in the emr-studio-samples GitHub repository. For more information about CloudFormation, see Working with templates and Working with stacks.

  3. Add the Permissions required to create and manage an EMR Studio

  4. Create an EMR Studio

  5. Assign a user or group to an EMR Studio

  6. (Optional) Though not required, we recommend that you let your team to use cluster templates with EMR Studio. For more information, see Create AWS CloudFormation templates for Amazon EMR Studio.