Set up an Amazon EMR Studio - Amazon EMR

Set up an Amazon EMR Studio

Complete the following steps to set up an Amazon EMR Studio.

Before you start


If you plan to use EMR Studio with Amazon EMR on EKS, we recommend that you first set up Amazon EMR on EKS for EMR Studio before you set up a Studio.

Before you set up an EMR Studio, make sure you have the following items:

  • An AWS account. For instructions, see Setting up Amazon EMR.

  • Permissions to create and manage an EMR Studio. For more information, see Administrator permissions to create and manage an EMR Studio.

  • An Amazon S3 bucket where EMR Studio can back up the Workspaces and notebook files in your Studio. For instructions, see Creating a bucket in the Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3) User Guide.

  • If you want to attach to an Amazon EMR on EC2 or Amazon EMR on EKS cluster, or use Git repositories, you need an Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) for the Studio, and a maximum of five subnets. You don't need a VPC to use EMR Studio with EMR Serverless. For tips on how to configure networking, see VPC and subnet best practices.

After you complete the setup steps, you can Use an Amazon EMR Studio.