Get OTA failure codes with the AWS CLI - FreeRTOS

Get OTA failure codes with the AWS CLI

  1. Install and configure the AWS CLI.

  2. Run aws configure and enter following information.

    $ aws configure AWS Access Key ID [None]: AccessID AWS Secret Access Key [None]: AccessKey Default region name [None]: Region Default output format [None]: json

    For more information, see Quick configuration with aws configure.

  3. Run:

    aws iot describe-job-execution --job-id JobID --thing-name ThingName

    Where JobID is the complete job ID string for the job whose status we want to get (it was associated with the OTA update job when it was created) and ThingName is the AWS IoT thing name that the device is registered as in AWS IoT

  4. The output will look like this:

    { "execution": { "jobId": "AFR_OTA-****************", "status": "FAILED", "statusDetails": { "detailsMap": { "reason": "0xEEEEEEEE: 0xffffffff" } }, "thingArn": "arn:aws:iot:Region:AccountID:thing/ThingName", "queuedAt": 1569519049.9, "startedAt": 1569519052.226, "lastUpdatedAt": 1569519052.226, "executionNumber": 1, "versionNumber": 2 } }

    In this example output, the "reason" in the "detailsmap" has two fields: the field shown as "0xEEEEEEEE" contains the generic error code from the OTA Agent; the field shown as "0xffffffff" contains the sub-code. The generic error codes are listed in See error codes with the prefix "kOTA_Err_". The sub-code can be a platform specific code or provide more details about the generic error.