Amazon GameLift
Developer Guide (Version )

Integrating the Amazon GameLift SDKs into Your Games

The Amazon GameLift SDKs provide the libraries needed to enable your game clients and servers to communicate with the Amazon GameLift service. The SDKs can be downloaded directly and are also included in the Amazon Lumberyard game engine. For more details on the SDKs and where to get them, see Amazon GameLift SDKs.

The topics in this section describe how game clients and servers interact with the Amazon GameLift service, and provide instruction on adding Amazon GameLift functionality to your game clients and servers.

Explore Amazon GameLift

Before you prepare your own game to use Amazon GameLift, you can experiment with the service and console tools:

  • Five-Click wizard – Use this wizard to use a sample game to create a game server build, deploy it on an Amazon GameLift fleet, and connect to the server from the sample game client. From here, you can view or edit the fleet using the Amazon GameLift console tools and view Amazon GameLift metrics and other tools in action. To access the sample wizard, sign into the Amazon GameLift console and select Sample Game in the Amazon GameLift menu.

  • Amazon Lumberyard Multiplayer Sample – If you're working with Lumberyard, you can use it to deploy a game server with GameLift or explore the source code to learn about how its game client and game server are integrated with GameLift. Learn more about the Multiplayer Sample game and how to configure it for GameLift.