AWS Global Accelerator
Developer Guide

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The following table describes the documentation for this release of AWS Global Accelerator.

  • API version: latest

  • Latest documentation update: October 29, 2019

Change Description Date
Support for EC2 instances and default DNS name AWS Global Accelerator now supports adding EC2 instances in supported AWS Regions. In addition, Global Accelerator creates a default DNS name that is mapped to the static IP addresses for your accelerator. For more information, see and October 29, 2019
Client IP address preservation for Application Load Balancers You can now choose to have AWS Global Accelerator preserve the client IP address for Application Load Balancers in supported AWS Regions. For more information, see August 28, 2019
Release of AWS Global Accelerator service The AWS Global Accelerator Developer Guide provides information about setting up and using accelerators—network layer traffic managers—that improve availability and performance for your internet applications that have a global audience. November 26, 2018