Export data to Amazon S3 with asset property notifications - AWS IoT SiteWise

Export data to Amazon S3 with asset property notifications

You can export incoming data from AWS IoT SiteWise to an Amazon S3 bucket in your account. You can back up your data in a format that you can use to create historical reports or to analyze your data with complex methods.


AWS IoT SiteWise also supports cold tier storage that let you save data in a customer-managed Amazon S3 bucket. For more information about supported storage tiers, see Managing data storage.

AWS IoT SiteWise provides this feature as an AWS CloudFormation template. When you create a stack from the template, AWS CloudFormation creates the required AWS resources to stream incoming data from AWS IoT SiteWise to an S3 bucket.

Then, the S3 bucket receives all of your asset property data sent from AWS IoT SiteWise property value update messages. The S3 bucket also receives your asset metadata, which includes asset and property names and other information.

For more information about how to enable property value update messages for the asset properties to export to Amazon S3, see Interacting with other AWS services.

This feature stores your asset property data and asset metadata in the Apache Parquet format in Amazon S3. Parquet is a columnar data format that saves space and enables faster queries compared to row-oriented formats like JSON.


When this feature retrieves asset metadata, it supports up to approximately 1,500 assets. This limitation applies only to asset metadata. This limitation doesn't apply to the number of assets supported when the feature exports asset property data.

Each resource's name includes a prefix that you can customize when you create the stack. Resources include the following:

  • An Amazon S3 bucket

  • AWS Lambda functions

  • An AWS IoT Core rule

  • AWS Identity and Access Management roles

  • An Amazon Data Firehose stream

  • An AWS Glue database

For a complete list, see Resources created from the template.


You will be charged for the resources that this AWS CloudFormation template creates and consumes. These charges include data storage and data transfer for multiple AWS services.