Interacting with other AWS services - AWS IoT SiteWise

Interacting with other AWS services

AWS IoT SiteWise can publish asset data to the AWS IoT MQTT publish-subscribe message broker, so that you can interact with your asset data from other AWS services. AWS IoT SiteWise assigns each asset property a unique MQTT topic that you can use to route your asset data to other AWS services using AWS IoT Core rules. For example, you can configure AWS IoT Core rules to do the following tasks:

  • Identify equipment failure and notify appropriate personnel by sending data to AWS IoT Events.

  • Historize select asset data for use in external software solutions by sending data to Amazon DynamoDB.

  • Generate weekly reports by triggering an AWS Lambda function.

You can follow a tutorial that walks through the steps required to set up a rule that stores property values in DynamoDB. For more information, see Publishing property value updates to Amazon DynamoDB.

For more information about how to configure a rule, see Rules in the AWS IoT Developer Guide.

You can also consume data from other AWS services back into AWS IoT SiteWise. To ingest data through the AWS IoT SiteWise rule action, see Ingesting data using AWS IoT Core rules.