Getting started with AWS IoT SiteWise - AWS IoT SiteWise

Getting started with AWS IoT SiteWise

With AWS IoT SiteWise, you can collect, organize, analyze, and visualize your data.

AWS IoT SiteWise provides a demo that you can use to explore the service without configuring a real data source. For more information, see Using the AWS IoT SiteWise demo.

You can complete the following tutorials to explore certain features of AWS IoT SiteWise:

See the following topics to learn more about AWS IoT SiteWise:


You must have an AWS account to get started with AWS IoT SiteWise. If you don't have one, see Setting up an AWS account.

Use a Region where AWS IoT SiteWise is available. For more information, see AWS IoT SiteWise endpoints and quotas. You can use the Region selector in the AWS Management Console to switch to one of these Regions.