Developer Guide

Rules for AWS IoT

Rules give your devices the ability to interact with AWS services. Rules are analyzed and actions are performed based on the MQTT topic stream. You can use rules to support tasks like these:

  • Augment or filter data received from a device.

  • Write data received from a device to an Amazon DynamoDB database.

  • Save a file to Amazon S3.

  • Send a push notification to all users using Amazon SNS.

  • Publish data to an Amazon SQS queue.

  • Invoke a Lambda function to extract data.

  • Process messages from a large number of devices using Amazon Kinesis.

  • Send data to the Amazon Elasticsearch Service.

  • Capture a CloudWatch metric.

  • Change a CloudWatch alarm.

  • Send the data from an MQTT message to Amazon Machine Learning to make predictions based on an Amazon ML model.

  • Send a message to a Salesforce IoT Input Stream.

Before AWS IoT can perform these actions, you must grant it permission to access your AWS resources on your behalf. When the actions are performed, you incur the standard charges for the AWS services you use.