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CloudWatch alarms

The CloudWatch alarm (cloudWatchAlarm) action changes the state of an Amazon CloudWatch alarm. You can specify the state change reason and value in this call.


This rule action has the following requirements:

  • An IAM role that AWS IoT can assume to perform the cloudwatch:SetAlarmState operation. For more information, see Granting an AWS IoT rule the access it requires.

    In the AWS IoT console, you can choose or create a role to allow AWS IoT to perform this rule action.


When you create an AWS IoT rule with this action, you must specify the following information:


The CloudWatch alarm name.

Supports substitution templates: API and AWS CLI only


Reason for the alarm change.

Supports substitution templates: Yes


The value of the alarm state. Valid values: OK, ALARM, INSUFFICIENT_DATA.

Supports substitution templates: Yes


The IAM role that allows access to the CloudWatch alarm. For more information, see Requirements.

Supports substitution templates: No


The following JSON example defines a CloudWatch alarm action in an AWS IoT rule.

{ "topicRulePayload": { "sql": "SELECT * FROM 'some/topic'", "ruleDisabled": false, "awsIotSqlVersion": "2016-03-23", "actions": [ { "cloudwatchAlarm": { "alarmName": "IotAlarm", "stateReason": "Temperature stabilized.", "stateValue": "OK", "roleArn": "arn:aws:iam::123456789012:role/aws_iot_cw" } } ] } }

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