AWS IoT secure tunneling tutorials - AWS IoT Core

AWS IoT secure tunneling tutorials

AWS IoT secure tunneling helps customers establish bidirectional communication to remote devices that are behind a firewall over a secure connection managed by AWS IoT.

To demo AWS IoT secure tunneling, use our AWS IoT secure tunneling demo on GitHub.

The following tutorials will help you learn how to get started and use secure tunneling. You'll learn how to:

  1. Create a secure tunnel using the quick setup and manual setup methods for accessing the remote device.

  2. Configure the local proxy when using the manual setup method and connect to the tunnel to access the destination device.

  3. SSH into the remote device from a browser without having to configure the local proxy.

  4. Convert a tunnel created using the AWS CLI or using the manual setup method to use the quick setup method.

Tutorials in this section

The tutorials in this section focus on creating a tunnel using the AWS Management Console and the AWS IoT API Reference. In the AWS IoT console, you can create a tunnel from the Tunnels hub page or from the details page of a thing that you created. For more information, see Tunnel creation methods in AWS IoT console.

Following shows the tutorials in this section: