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Runtime support policy

Lambda runtimes for .zip file archives are built around a combination of operating system, programming language, and software libraries that are subject to maintenance and security updates. When a component of a runtime is no longer supported for security updates, Lambda deprecates the runtime.

Deprecation occurs in two phases. During the first phase, you can no longer create functions that use the deprecated runtime. For at least 30 days, you can continue to update existing functions that use the deprecated runtime. After this period, both function creation and updates are disabled permanently. However, the function continues to be available to process invocation events.


Python 2.7 reached end of life on January 1, 2020. However, the Python 2.7 runtime is still supported and is not scheduled to be deprecated at this time. For details, see Continued support for Python 2.7 on AWS Lambda on the AWS Compute Blog.

The following runtimes have been deprecated:

Deprecated runtimes
Name Identifier Operating system Deprecation completed date

.NET Core 1.0


Amazon Linux

July 30, 2019

.NET Core 2.0


Amazon Linux

May 30, 2019

Node.js 0.10


Amazon Linux

October 31, 2016

Node.js 4.3


Amazon Linux

March 6, 2020

Node.js 4.3 edge


Amazon Linux

April 30, 2019

Node.js 6.10


Amazon Linux

August 12, 2019

Node.js 8.10


Amazon Linux

March 6, 2020

Node.js 10.x


Amazon Linux 2

May 28, 2021

In most cases, the end-of-life date of a language version or operating system is known well in advance. If you have functions running on a runtime that will be deprecated in the next 60 days, Lambda notifies you by email that you should prepare by migrating your function to a supported runtime. In some cases, such as security issues that require a backwards-incompatible update, or software that doesn't support a long-term support (LTS) schedule, advance notice might not be possible.

Language and framework support policies

After a runtime is deprecated, Lambda might retire it completely at any time by disabling invocation. Deprecated runtimes aren't eligible for security updates or technical support. Before retiring a runtime, Lambda sends additional notifications to affected customers. No runtimes are scheduled to be retired at this time.