Supported configurations - AMS Advanced User Guide

Supported configurations

These are the configurations AWS Managed Services (AMS) supports:

  • Language: AMS is available in English.

  • Firewall Services: Palo Alto VM-Series Next-Generation Firewall

  • Security software: Deep Security from Trend Micro (Required). AWS Marketplace: Trend Micro Deep Security

  • Approved directory services: Microsoft Active Directory (AD)

  • Supported AWS services.

  • Supported AWS Regions:

    AMS operates in a subset of all AWS Regions; however, the AMS API/CLI runs out of the "USA East (N. Virginia)" Region only. If you run either the AMS change management API (amscm) or the AMS service knowledge management API (amsskms), in a non-USA East Region, you must add --region us-east-1 to the command.

    • US East (Virginia)

    • US West (N. California)

    • US West (Oregon)

    • US East (Ohio)

    • Canada (Central)

    • South America (São Paulo)

    • EU (Ireland)

    • EU (Frankfurt)

    • EU (London)

    • EU West (Paris)

    • Asia Pacific (Mumbai)

    • Asia Pacific (Seoul)

    • Asia Pacific (Singapore)

    • Asia Pacific (Sydney)

    • Asia Pacific (Tokyo)

    New Regions are added frequently. To learn more about AWS Regions and availability zones, see Regions and Zones.

  • Amazon machine images (AMIs): AMS provides security enhanced images (AMIs) based on CIS Level 1 benchmark for a subset of AMS's supported operating systems. To find out which operating systems have a security enhanced image available, see the AMS Security User Guide, which is available through AWS Artifact -> Reports tab filtered for AWS Managed Services. To access AWS Artifact, can contact your CSDM for instructions or go to Getting Started with AWS Artifact.

  • Supported operating system architecture: x86-64

    ARM64 architecture is not supported.

  • Supported operating systems:

    • Amazon Linux 2023

    • Amazon Linux 2 (expected AMS support end date June 30, 2025)

    • CentOS 7.x

    • Oracle Linux 7: minor versions 7.5 and above. Oracle Linux 8: minor versions up to 8.3.

    • Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) 8.x, 7.x

    • SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 15 SP5 and SAP specific versions, SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 12 SP5 and SAP specific versions.

    • Microsoft Windows Server 2022, 2019, 2016

  • Supported End of Support (EOS) operating systems:


    End of Support (EOS) operating systems are outside of the general support period of the operating system manufacturer and have increased security risk. EOS operating systems are considered supported configurations only if AMS-required agents support the operating system and...

    1. you have extended support with the operating system vendor that allows you to receive updates, or

    2. any instances using an EOS operating system follow the security controls as specified by AMS in the Advanced User Guide, or

    3. you comply with any other compensating security controls required by AMS.

    In the event AMS is no longer able to support an EOS operating system, AMS issues a Critical Recommendation to upgrade the operating system.

    AMS-required agents may include but are not limited to: AWS Systems Manager, Amazon CloudWatch, Endpoint Security (EPS) agent, and Active Directory (AD) Bridge (Linux only).

    • Amazon Linux (expected AMS support end date December 31, 2023)

    • Ubuntu Linux 18.04

    • SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 15 SP3 and SP4

    • Microsoft Windows Server 2012/2012 R2