Software and services on AWS Marketplace - AWS Marketplace

Software and services on AWS Marketplace

AWS Marketplace features many software categories including databases, application servers, testing tools, monitoring tools, content management, and business intelligence. You can select commercial software from well-known sellers, as well as many widely used open source offerings. When you find products you want, you can buy and deploy that software to your own Amazon EC2 instance with 1-Click. You can also use AWS CloudFormation to deploy a topology of the product.

Any AWS customer can shop on AWS Marketplace. Software prices and estimated infrastructure prices are displayed on the website. You can purchase most software immediately, using payment instruments already on file with AWS. Software charges appear on the same monthly bill as AWS infrastructure charges.

  • Many business products are available in the AWS Marketplace, including both software as a service (SaaS) and server-based products. The server-based products might require technical knowledge or IT support to set up and maintain.

  • The information and tutorials in Tutorial: Get started with Amazon EC2 Linux instances can help you learn Amazon EC2 basics.

  • If you plan to launch complex topologies of AWS Marketplace products through AWS CloudFormation, Getting started with AWS CloudFormation can help you learn useful AWS CloudFormation basics.

AWS Marketplace includes the following categories of software:

  • Infrastructure software

  • Developer tools

  • Business software

  • Machine learning

  • IoT

  • Professional services

  • Desktop Applications

  • Data products

For more information, see Product categories.

Each major software category contains more specific subcategories. For example, the Infrastructure software category contains subcategories such as Application Development, Databases & Caching, and Operating Systems. Software is available as one of seven different product types, including Amazon Machine Images (AMIs) and software as a service (SaaS). For information about the different software types, see Product types.

To aid you in choosing the software you need, AWS Marketplace provides the following information:

  • Seller details

  • Software version

  • Type of software (AMI or SaaS), and information about the AMI if applicable

  • Buyer rating

  • Price

  • Product information

Differences between AWS Marketplace and Amazon DevPay

There are substantial differences between AWS Marketplace and Amazon DevPay. Both help customers buy software that runs on AWS, but AWS Marketplace offers a more comprehensive experience than Amazon DevPay. For software buyers, the key differences are the following:

  • AWS Marketplace offers a shopping experience more like, simplifying discovery of available software.

  • AWS Marketplace products work with other AWS features such as virtual private cloud (VPC) and can be run on Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) Reserved Instances and Spot Instances, in addition to On-Demand Instances.

  • AWS Marketplace supports software backed by Amazon Elastic Block Store (Amazon EBS), and Amazon DevPay does not.

Additionally, software sellers benefit from the marketing outreach and ease of discovery of AWS Marketplace.