Creating a private marketplace administrator - AWS Marketplace

Creating a private marketplace administrator

You can create an administrators group to manage your company’s private marketplace settings. After the first private marketplace experience is created for your organization, administrators for the private marketplace can perform many tasks including the following:

  • View and create experiences and account groups.

  • Add products to private marketplace experiences.

  • Remove products from private marketplace experiences.

  • Configure the user interface of private marketplace experiences.

  • Enable and disable private marketplace experiences.

  • Call the AWS Marketplace Catalog API to manage private marketplace experiences programmatically.


Creating the first private marketplace experience also enables private marketplaces in your organization. This is a one-time action. For accounts that are part of an organization, the initial experience creation must happen from the management account. For more information, see Creating a private marketplace experience.

You grant AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM) permissions to administer your private marketplace by attaching the AWSPrivateMarketplaceAdminFullAccess policy to an IAM user, group, or role. We recommend using a group or role. For more information about recommended practices for using IAM, see IAM Best Practices.

To learn more about the permissions in the AWSPrivateMarketplaceAdminFullAccess policy, or to learn about other policies for use in AWS Marketplace, sign in to the AWS Management Console, and go to the IAM policies page. In the search box, enter Marketplace to find all of the policies that are associated with AWS Marketplace.