AWS Marketplace
User Guide for AWS Marketplace Subscribers

Private Marketplace

With Private Marketplace, you can control which products your users can procure from AWS Marketplace. It is built on top of AWS Marketplace, and enables your IT administrators to create and customize a curated digital catalog of approved independent software vendors (ISVs) and products that conform to their in-house policies. Your business users and engineering teams can find, buy, and deploy products from your private marketplace, and ensure that all available products comply with your organization’s policies and standards.

Your private marketplace is shared across AWS Organizations. AWS Organizations enables you to create a series of accounts linked for permissions and payments. When controls are initiated for your AWS Organizations, they are applied to every account in the organization. The roles, controls, and experience in Private Marketplace is modeled off AWS Organizations. Your IT administrators can also apply company branding to your private marketplace with the company’s logo, messaging, and color scheme, creating a unique AWS Marketplace look and feel for their users.

You have full visibility into your AWS Marketplace spend by product, and can also find full subscription details. Private Marketplace gives you broad catalog of products you select, as well as fine-grained control. For the members of your organization, procuring products is efficient and simplified.

Product Detail Page Visit

Members of your organization can only subscribe to products you have added to your private marketplace. They can browse and see the detail page for any product, but the subscription button only enabled for products you have added to your private marketplace. If a product is not currently in your private marketplace, the user sees a red banner at the top of the page. The rest of the detail page contains all of the same information as the public AWS Marketplace.

Subscribing to a Product in a Private Marketplace

To subscribe to a product in your private marketplace:

  1. From the product’s detail page, choose Continue. This will redirect you to the product’s configuration page.

  2. On the configuration page, make configuration selections, for example instance size, and then choose Continue. This will redirect you to the product’s fulfillment page.

  3. On the fulfillment page, review the details for the fulfillment and choose Subscribe.

If the product is not approved in your private marketplace, Subscribe will be dimmed, and you will not be able to complete the fulfillment action. You will also see a red banner at the top of the page indicating that that product is not currently approved for procurement.

Adding a Product to Your Private Marketplace

You can request a product that is not in your private marketplace be added. All requests must be made directly to your private marketplace administrator directly. You should contact your administrator directly according to the procurement policies of your organization.