Step 3: Create roles - AWS Elemental MediaLive

Step 3: Create roles

Any person who is an administrator can perform the procedure to create a role and attach policies to the role.

In Step 1: Determine the access requirements, someone in your organization identified the roles that you need to create. Create those roles now using IAM.

To create a role and attach a policy to it

  1. Sign into the AWS Management Console as an administrator, and open the IAM console at

  2. In the navigation pane, choose Roles.

  3. On the Role page, choose Create role.

  4. On the Create role page, in the Select type of trusted entity section, choose AWS service (the default).

  5. In Choose the service that will use this role, choose EC2.

    You choose EC2 because MediaLive is not currently included in this list. Choosing EC2 lets you create a role; in a later step, you will change this role to mention MediaLive instead of EC2.

  6. Choose Next: Permissions.

  7. In the Attach permissions policies section, select all the policies that apply for this role, and then choose Next: Tags.

  8. Add tags if your organization has a policy to create tags for resources. For more information, see Tagging AWS Elemental MediaLive resources. Then choose Next: Review.

  9. Choose Next: Review.

  10. For Role name, enter a name. We recommend that you don't use the name MediaLiveAccessRole because it is reserved for the simple option. Instead, use a name that includes medialive and describes this role's purpose.

  11. For Trusted entities, Amazon EC2 ( is displayed as the trusted entity, but you will modify that line in the next procedure.

  12. Choose Create role.