AWS Elemental MediaLive
User Guide

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Step 1: Complete the Channel and Input Details

The first step to creating a channel from scratch is to choose the IAM role that AWS Elemental MediaLive will use to access the channel when the channel is running (started) and specify key characteristics of the input.

To provide channel and input details

  1. Open the MediaLive console at

  2. Before creating a channel, make sure that you have created the input that you will attach to the channel.

  3. On the MediaLive home page, choose Create channel, and in the navigation pane, choose Channels.

    If you've created a channel before, you won't see the home page. In that case, in the MediaLive navigation pane, choose Channels, and then choose Create channel.

  4. On the Create channel page, choose Channel and input details.

  5. In the General info section, do the following:

    • For Channel name, enter a name for your channel.

    • Complete IAM role. See IAM Role and ARN.

  6. For information about the Channel template section, see Creating a Channel from a Template or by Cloning.

  7. In the Channel class section, choose the class. See Channel Class.

  8. In the Input specifications section, complete the fields to match your input. See Input Specifications Settings.

  9. In the Tags section, create tags if you want to associate tags with this channel. For more information, see Tagging AWS Elemental MediaLive Resources.

  10. When ready, go to the next step.