Step 5: Collect information about the source content - AWS Elemental MediaLive

Step 5: Collect information about the source content

After you have assessed the source content and have identified suitable video, audio, and captions assets in that content, you must obtain information about those assets. The information you need is different for each type of source.

You don't need this information to create the input in MediaLive. But you will need this information when you attach the input to the channel in MediaLive.

Result of this step

After you have performed the procedures in this step, you should have source content information that looks like this example.






Upstream System


with FEC
Selected video HEVC


5 Mbps maximum

PID 600
Selected audio Dolby Digital 5.1 Spanish in PID 720
AAC 2.0 Spanish in PID 746
AAC 2.0 French in PID 747
AAC 2.0 English in PID 759
Selected captions Embedded C1 = Spanish
C2 = French
C4 = English
Teletext 10 languages PID 815