Identifying content in an MP4 source - AWS Elemental MediaLive

Identifying content in an MP4 source

The content in an MP4 source always consists of one video track, and one or more audio tracks. It might also contain embedded-style captions.

Obtain identifying information from the content provider:

  • For audio – Obtain the track numbers or three-character language codes of the languages that you want.


    We recommend that you obtain the tracks for the audio assets. They are a more reliable way of identifying an audio asset. Use the language only if there is only one instance of each audio language in the audio asset.

  • For captions – Obtain the languages in the channel numbers. For example, "channel 1 is French". The captions are always embedded-style, containing up to four languages, each with its own channel number. The captions might be embedded in the video track or might be embedded in an ancillary track.