Imds section - AWS ParallelCluster

Imds section

(Optional) Specifies the global instance metadata service (IMDS) configuration.

Imds: ImdsSupport: string

Imds properties

ImdsSupport (Optional, String)

Specifies which IMDS versions are supported in the cluster nodes. Supported values are v1.0 and v2.0. The default value is v2.0.

If ImdsSupport is set to v1.0, both IMDSv1 and IMDSv2 are supported.

If ImdsSupport is set to v2.0, only IMDSv2 is supported.

For more information, see Use IMDSv2 in the Amazon EC2 User Guide for Linux instances.

Update policy: If this setting is changed, the update is not allowed.


Starting with AWS ParallelCluster 3.7.0, the ImdsSupport default value is v2.0. We recommend that you set ImdsSupport to v2.0 and replace IMDSv1 with IMDSv2 in your custom actions calls.

Support for Imds / ImdsSupport is added with AWS ParallelCluster version 3.3.0.