Amazon Pinpoint
User Guide

Step 2: Specify the Audience Segment for the Campaign

When creating a campaign, you can specify which audience segment to reach with your campaign by creating a new segment or choosing one that was previously created.


Before you begin, complete Step 1: Begin a New Campaign.

To specify a segment

  • For the Segment step in Create a campaign, specify a segment in one of the following ways:

    • Choose Create a new segment and follow the steps under To build a segment.

    • Choose Use a previously defined segment and select the segment that you want to target. Then, choose Next step.

To build a segment

To build your segment, define the segmentation criteria. As you choose criteria, the Segment estimate shows how many users the segment includes.

            The segment estimate shows how many users belong to the segment with the
               selected criteria.
  1. For Name your segment to reuse it later, type a name to make your segment easy to recognize.

  2. If you selected Mobile push as the channel type, define the App usage criteria. Select which users belong to the segment based on whether they have (or haven't) used your app within the specified number of days.

               The app usage criteria options.
  3. (Optional) For Filter by standard attributes, define which users belong to the segment based on the characteristics that are standard to Amazon Pinpoint.

               The device attributes options.
  4. (Optional) For Filter by custom attributes and Filter by user attributes, define which users belong to the segment based on custom attributes that you add to your Amazon Pinpoint endpoint resources.

  5. If you chose to create a standard campaign, you can use this page to allocate the holdout, which is the percentage of users in the segment who will not receive messages from the campaign.

               The holdout slider.

    If you're creating an A/B test, you allocate the holdout when you define the message or schedule.

  6. When you finish defining the segment, choose Next step.


Step 3: Write the Message