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Amazon Pinpoint SMS channel

You can use the SMS channel in Amazon Pinpoint to send SMS messages (text messages) to your customers' mobile devices. Amazon Pinpoint can send SMS messages to recipients in over 200 countries and regions. In some countries and regions, you can also receive messages from your customers by using the two-way SMS feature. When you create a new Amazon Pinpoint account, your account is placed in an SMS sandbox. This initially limits your monthly spending and who you can send messages to. For more information, see SMS sandbox in the Amazon Pinpoint SMS User Guide.

To send text messages using Amazon Pinpoint, you must enable the SMS channel in your project. Depending on how you use Amazon Pinpoint to send SMS messages, you might also need to initiate a request with AWS Support to enable or modify certain SMS options for your account. For example, you can request to increase your SMS spending quota, to move from the sandbox to production, or you can request a short code to use when sending and receiving messages.

To receive text messages using Amazon Pinpoint, you should first obtain a dedicated short code or long code. When you have a dedicated number, you can enable two-way SMS for it. Finally, you can specify the messages that Amazon Pinpoint sends to customers when it receives incoming messages.

In the SMS and voice settings section of the Amazon Pinpoint console, you can manage SMS channel settings for your use case and budget. For example, you can set your monthly SMS spending quota, or change your default message type.


When you configure SMS channel settings in Amazon Pinpoint, your changes apply to other AWS services that send SMS messages, such as Amazon SNS.