Setting up the Amazon Pinpoint SMS channel - Amazon Pinpoint

Setting up the Amazon Pinpoint SMS channel

To send SMS messages with Amazon Pinpoint, you need an Amazon Pinpoint project in which the SMS channel is enabled.

You can also enable the SMS channel for an existing project by using the SMS and voice settings page on the Amazon Pinpoint console. For more information, see Managing the Amazon Pinpoint SMS channel.

Creating a new project by using the Amazon Pinpoint console

The first step in setting up the SMS channel in Amazon Pinpoint is to create a new project. Next, you enable the SMS channel for that project.

To create a new Amazon Pinpoint project and enable the SMS channel
  1. Open the Amazon Pinpoint console at

  2. On the All projects page, choose Create a project.

  3. For Project name, enter a name, and then choose Create.


    The project name can contain up to 64 alphanumeric characters. It can also include the following characters: comma (,), period (.), at sign (@), underscore (_), equals sign (=), and plus sign (+).

  4. Under Project features, in the SMS and voice section, choose Configure.

  5. Choose Enable the SMS channel for this project.

  6. Under Account-level settings, you can optionally change the following settings:

    • Default message type – The category of messages that you plan to send. Choose Transactional for time-sensitive content, such as alerts and one-time passwords, or choose Promotional for marketing-related content.

    • Account spending limit – The maximum amount of money, in US Dollars, that you want to spend sending SMS messages per calendar month. If your monthly spending exceeds this value, Amazon Pinpoint and other AWS services stop sending SMS messages from your account.


      If you haven't used Amazon Pinpoint or Amazon SNS to send SMS messages from your AWS account, your account will have a default spending quota of $1.00 (USD). You can request an increase to this account-wide quota. For more information, see Requesting increases to your monthly SMS or Voice spending quota in the Amazon Pinpoint SMS User Guide.

    • Default sender ID – The identity that appears on recipients' devices when they receive messages. Support for sender ID capabilities varies by country or region.


    These settings apply to your entire AWS account. When you change these settings, they apply to all other Amazon Pinpoint projects in your account, and to other AWS services that you use to send SMS messages, such as Amazon SNS.

  7. When you finish, choose Save changes.

Next steps

You've created a project that's enabled for SMS messaging. Now you can use Amazon Pinpoint to send SMS messages.

Some SMS options, such as dedicated origination numbers or sender IDs, are unavailable until you contact AWS Support. For more information, see Requesting support for SMS and voice messaging in the Amazon Pinpoint SMS User Guide.

To engage an audience segment with an SMS campaign, see Amazon Pinpoint campaigns.

To send an SMS message directly to a limited audience without creating a campaign, see Send test messages with Amazon Pinpoint.