Requesting support for SMS, MMS, and voice messaging - Amazon Pinpoint SMS

Requesting support for SMS, MMS, and voice messaging

Certain SMS options in Amazon Pinpoint SMS can only be configured by creating a case in the AWS Support Center. Open a case to request any of the following:

  • An increase to your monthly SMS, MMS, or Voice spending threshold

    By default, the monthly spending threshold is $1.00 (USD). Your spending threshold determines the volume of messages that you can send with Amazon Pinpoint SMS. Request a spending threshold that meets the expected monthly message volume for your SMS, MMS, or voice use case. To change your spending threshold, see Change your spending threshold.

  • Moving from the sandbox to production

    New Amazon Pinpoint SMS accounts are placed into an SMS or voice sandbox. The sandbox protects both AWS customers and recipients from fraud and abuse. The sandbox also creates a safe environment for test, development, and QA accounts. To move your account out of the sandbox and into production, see SMS/MMS sandbox and Voice sandbox.

When you create your case in the AWS Support Center, include all the information that's required for the type of request you're submitting. If you don't, AWS Support will contact you to obtain this information before proceeding. By submitting a detailed case, you help to make sure that your request is fulfilled quickly. For the details that are required for specific types of SMS requests, see the topics in this section.