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AWS Proton infrastructure as code files

The primary parts of the template bundle are infrastructure as code (IaC) files that define the infrastructure resources and properties that you want to provision. AWS CloudFormation and other infrastructure as code engines use these types of files to provision infrastructure resources.


An IaC file can also be used independently of template bundles, as a direct input to directly defined components. For more information about components, see AWS Proton components.

AWS Proton currently supports two types of IaC files:

  • CloudFormation files – Used for AWS-managed provisioning. AWS Proton uses Jinja on top of the CloudFormation template file format for parametrization.

  • Terraform HCL files – Used for Self-managed provisioning. HCL natively supports parametrization.

You can’t provision AWS Proton resources using a combination of provisioning methods. You must use one or the other. You can’t deploy an AWS-managed provisioning service to a self-managed provisioning environment, or vice versa.

For more information, see How AWS Proton provisions infrastructure, AWS Proton environments, AWS Proton services, and AWS Proton components.