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Answering business questions with Amazon QuickSight Q

 Applies to: Enterprise Edition 

Amazon QuickSight Q, powered by machine learning, uses natural language processing to answer your business questions quickly. By using Q, you can save weeks of effort on the part of your business intelligence (BI) teams, who otherwise might have to build predefined data models and dashboards.

Q is optimized to understand business language that you use every day as part of your work, including phrases related to sales, marketing, and retail. For example, suppose that a sales leader wants to identify product categories that brought in the highest revenue in a region. They can simply ask, "What are the top-selling categories in California?" Q understands that "top-selling" means highest revenue and return the top-ranked categories in California by revenue.

Unlike conventional natural-language query-based BI tools, Q uses machine learning to automatically understand the relationships across your data and build indexes. You can ask questions on all your data and get insights in seconds.

Q provides autocomplete suggestions, performs spell-checks, and suggests acronyms and synonyms that you can customize to be business-specific. Also, if Q gets an answer wrong, you can provide feedback to Q to correct the answer. This feedback is passed on to the BI team, who can fine-tune the data model or add more data.