Accessing Amazon Rekognition Custom Labels evaluation metrics (SDK) - Rekognition

Accessing Amazon Rekognition Custom Labels evaluation metrics (SDK)

The Amazon Rekognition API provides metrics beyond those provided in the console.

Like the console, the API provides access to the following metrics as summary information for the testing results and as testing results for each label:

The average threshold for all labels and the threshold for individual labels is returned.

The API also provides the following metrics for classification and image detection (object location on image).

  • Confusion Matrix for image classification.

  • Mean Average Precision (mAP) for image detection.

  • Mean Average Recall (mAR) for image detection.

The API also provides true positive, false positive, false negative, and true negative values. For more information, see Metrics for evaluating your model.

The aggregate F1 score metric is returned directly by the API. Other metrics are accessible from a Summary file and Evaluation manifest snapshot files stored in an Amazon S3 bucket. For more information, see Accessing the summary file and evaluation manifest snapshot (SDK).