AWS SDK for Swift Developer Guide - AWS SDK for Swift

AWS SDK for Swift Developer Guide

What is the Amazon SDK for Swift?

Welcome to the AWS SDK for Swift, a pure Swift SDK that makes it easier to develop tools that take advantage of AWS services, including Amazon S3, Amazon EC2, DynamoDB, and more, all using the Swift programming language.

Development using the SDK for Swift is currently supported on Mac and Linux systems, with Windows support coming soon. Supported targets include Apple platforms and Linux systems. Support for Windows targets is also coming soon.

Supported Apple target operating systems include:

  • macOS

  • iOS

  • iPadOS

  • watchOS (Coming soon)

  • tvOS (Coming soon)

Prerelease documentation

This is prerelease documentation for an SDK in preview release. It may be incomplete and is subject to change.

In addition, versions of the SDK prior to version 1.0.0 may have flaws, and no guarantee is made about the API’s stability. Changes can and will occur that break compatibility during the prerelease stage. These releases are not intended for use in production code!

Get started with the SDK

To get started with the SDK, follow the Getting started tutorial.

To set up your development environment, see Setting up. Then you can test drive the SDK for Swift by creating your first project in Getting started with the AWS SDK for Swift.

For information on making requests to Amazon S3, DynamoDB, Amazon EC2 and other AWS services, see Using the SDK.

About this guide

The AWS SDK for Swift Developer Guide covers how to install, configure, and use the preview release of the AWS SDK for Swift to create applications and tools in Swift that make use of AWS services.

This guide contains the following sections:

Setting up

Covers installing the Swift toolchain if you don’t already have it installed and configuring your system for use with the SDK and to have access to your AWS account for development and testing purposes.

Getting started

Explains how to create a project that imports the SDK for Swift using the Swift Package Manager in a shell environment on Linux and macOS, as well as how to add the SDK package to an Xcode project. Also included is a guide to building a project that uses Amazon Cognito Identity to do a few basic operations on identity pools.

Using the SDK

Guides covering typical usage scenarios including creating service clients, performing common tasks, and more.

Working with AWS services

Code examples demonstrating how to use various features of the SDK for Swift, as well as how to achieve specific tasks using the SDK.

Security in AWS SDK for Swift

Guides covering security topics in general, as well as considerations surrounding using the SDK for Swift in various contexts and while performing specific tasks.

Document history for the AWS SDK for Swift Developer Guide

History of this document and of the SDK.

Maintenance and support for SDK major versions

For information about maintenance and support for SDK major versions and their underlying dependencies, see the following in the AWS SDKs and Tools Reference Guide.

Additional resources

In addition to this guide, the following are valuable online resources for AWS SDK for Swift developers:

Contributing to the SDK

Developers can also contribute feedback through the following channels: