How Amazon Redshift uses AWS Secrets Manager - AWS Secrets Manager

How Amazon Redshift uses AWS Secrets Manager

Amazon Redshift is a fully managed, petabyte-scale data warehouse service in the cloud. To manage user credentials for Amazon Redshift, we recommend you use Secrets Manager secrets. For more information, see Create an AWS Secrets Manager database secret and Storing database credentials in AWS Secrets Manager.

When you call the Amazon Redshift Data API, you can pass credentials for the cluster by using a secret in Secrets Manager. For more information, see Using the Amazon Redshift Data API.

When you use the Amazon Redshift query editor to connect to a database, Amazon Redshift can store your credentials in a Secrets Manager secret with the prefix redshiftqueryeditor. You are charged for that secret. For more information, see Querying a database using the query editor in the Amazon Redshift Management Guide.

For query editor v2, see How Amazon Redshift query editor v2 uses AWS Secrets Manager.