AWS Secrets Manager secrets managed by other AWS services - AWS Secrets Manager

AWS Secrets Manager secrets managed by other AWS services

Some AWS services that store AWS Secrets Manager secrets on your behalf can manage rotation for you. The managing service might also restrict you from updating secrets or deleting them without a recovery period. These secrets are typically named with a service ID prefix that indicates which service created them.

To find secrets that are managed by other AWS services
  • Do one of the following:

    • In the Secrets Manager console, in the search box, choose Tag key and then enter aws:secretsmanager:owningService.

    • To show the managing service in the list of secrets, choose Preferences ( ), and then in the Preferences dialog box, turn on Managed by.

    • In the AWS CLI, enter the following command using the service ID prefix:

      aws secretsmanager list-secrets --filter Key="owning-service",Values="<service ID prefix>"

Services that manage secrets

For other services that integrate with Secrets Manager, see AWS services that use AWS Secrets Manager secrets.