Benefits of AWS Security Hub - AWS Security Hub

Benefits of AWS Security Hub

Reduced effort to collect and prioritize findings

Security Hub reduces the effort to collect and prioritize security findings across accounts from integrated AWS services and AWS partner products. Security Hub processes finding data using a standard finding format, which eliminates the need to manage findings data from multiple formats. Security Hub then correlates findings across providers to help you prioritize the most important ones.

Automatic security checks against best practices and standards

Security Hub automatically runs continuous, account-level configuration and security checks based on AWS best practices and industry standards. Security Hub provides the result of these checks as a readiness score, and identifies specific accounts and resources that require attention.

Consolidated view of findings across accounts and providers

Security Hub consolidates your security findings across accounts and provider products and displays results on the Security Hub console. This allows you to view your overall current security status to spot trends, identify potential issues, and take the necessary remediation steps.

Ability to automate remediation of findings

Security Hub supports integration with Amazon EventBridge. To automate remediation of specific findings, you can define custom actions to take when a finding is received. For example, you can configure custom actions to send findings to a ticketing system or to an automated remediation system.