AWS Serverless Application Model
Developer Guide

Building Applications with Dependencies

You can use the sam build command to compile dependencies for Lambda functions written in Python. For example, if you write code that uses Python packages, such as a graphics library for image processing, you need to create a deployment package that works on the Amazon Linux AMI. The sam build command allows you to easily create deployment artifacts that target Lambda's execution environment, so that the functions you build locally run in a similar environment in the AWS Cloud.

The sam build command iterates through the functions in your application, looks for a manifest file (such as requirements.txt) that contain the dependencies, and automatically creates deployment artifacts that you can deploy to Lambda using the sam package and sam deploy commands.

If your Lambda function depends on packages that have natively compiled programs, you can use the --use-container flag. The --use-container flag compiles your functions in a Lambda-like environment locally, so they are in the right format when you deploy them to the AWS Cloud.


# Build a deployment package sam build # Run the build process inside an AWS Lambda-like Docker container sam build --use-container # Build and run your functions locally sam build && sam local invoke # Build and package for deployment sam build && sam package --s3-bucket <bucketname> # For more options sam build --help