Unlocking the Snowball Edge - AWS Snowball Edge Developer Guide

Unlocking the Snowball Edge

Use the procedure described here or the section in OpsHub for Snow Family to manage devices

To unlock the AWS Snowball Edge device, run the snowballEdge unlock-device command. To run this command, the AWS Snowball Edge device that you use for your job must be on site, plugged into power and network, and turned on. In addition, the LCD display on the front of the AWS Snowball Edge device must indicate that the device is ready for use.

To unlock the device with the Snowball Edge client
  1. Get your manifest and unlock code.

    1. Download a copy of the manifest from the AWS Snow Family Management Console. Your job's manifest is encrypted so that only the job's unlock code can decrypt it. Make a note of the path to the manifest file on your local server.

    2. Get the unlock code, a 29-character code that also appears when you download your manifest. We recommend that you write down the unlock code and keep it in a separate location from the manifest that you downloaded, to prevent unauthorized access to the AWS Snowball Edge device while it’s at your facility.

  2. Find the IP address for the AWS Snowball Edge device on the LCD display of the AWS Snowball Edge device, under the Connections tab. Make a note of that IP address.

  3. Run the snowballEdge unlock-device command to authenticate your access to the AWS Snowball Edge device with the endpoint of the AWS Snowball Edge device and your credentials, as follows.

    snowballEdge unlock-device --endpoint https://ip address --manifest-file /Path/to/manifest/file --unlock-code 29 character unlock code

Following is an example of the command to unlock the Snowball Edge client.

snowballEdge unlock-device --endpoint --manifest-file /Downloads/JID2EXAMPLE-0c40-49a7-9f53-916aEXAMPLE81-manifest.bin --unlock-code 12345-abcde-12345-ABCDE-12345

In this example, the IP address for the device is, the job manifest file that you downloaded is JID2EXAMPLE-0c40-49a7-9f53-916aEXAMPLE81-manifest.bin, and the 29-character unlock code is 12345-abcde-12345-ABCDE-12345.

When you've entered the preceding command with the right variables for your job, you get a confirmation message. This message means that you're authorized to access the device for this job.

Job-Type Specific Consideration

If you're unlocking a cluster, you need to specify only the IP address for one of the cluster nodes. For more information, see Using the Snowball Edge Client.

Now you can begin using the AWS Snowball Edge device.

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